Yokan Studios has long since embraced the meaning of its name, putting an emphasis on the foresight of creative landscapes yet to come. Being at the forefront of major movements in photo, music, and video, Yokan Studios is constantly adapting and evolving to meet the needs of multiple creative industries. At present, Yokan Studios has expanded our focus to include music publishing, production, and composition, with the goal of forming our very own music library. Join us on our creative journey, as we use our creative foresight to enhance yours.

We have had the unique opportunity to collaborate with creatives from many different fields over the years, allowing us to build our very own creative network. Our team currently consists of a photographer/videographer, a music composer/audio specialist, a graphic designer/illustrator, and a marketing/trend forecasting specialist. Together as Yokan Studios, we collaborate to offer a variety of services, to meet the ever growing needs of creative professionals and individuals alike. 



Yokan Studios has provided photo services for industry professionals both locally and internationally for over a decade. While the majority of our photographic clients have been notable music professionals, we have also had the pleasure of serving lifestyle brands, apparel companies, and independent creatives, for the promotion of their brands



Yokan Studios has provided video services for industry professionals within the United States, since the studio’s inception, more than a decade ago. While our most popular video works include videos filmed for the promotion of music industry professionals, we have also provided video services for live-stream events, seminars, and brand promotion.



Yokan Studios has provided design services for music industry professionals, lifestyle brands, and even members of the medical community. Our design services have included brand identity, promotional posters, package design, shirt design, web design, web graphics, and social media marketing imagery. Needless to say, our wide range of design styles and projects certainly keep us on our toes.